Specula Ennium

"Ennia's Watch"

There was considerable fear, shortly after the Romans' arrival, that the strange things in the Bloodwood would follow the Hermanduri across the countryside. A small group of warriors, led by a Hermanduri woman named Ennia, volunteered to establish a watchpost to guard against any such incursion. Eager for protection, several dozen refugees stayed with them. In the decades since, Specula Ennium has become one of the largest settlements in the region. The fortified town has traditionally never been without a military force stationed within it, designated as defense against the Nemus Cruentum, despite the fact that there are dozens of small settlements now located closer to the forest than this one. In practice, their real role is to keep order in the town and sustain the power of the handful of upper-class families in the area.

Law enforcement here tends to be harsh and arbitrary, conducted by soldiers who are more interested in finding someone to punish than in ensuring they have the right person. More than one local has muttered that Ennia would be ashamed of what the Hermanduri have allowed the Romans to do to them…but they mutter it quietly, so as not to be overheard.

Specula Ennium (large town): Conventional; AL LN; 750 Au. limit; Assets 161,250 Au.; Population 4,300; Roman and Hermanduri; Authority Figures: Memnius Quietus male human Ftr2, LN.

Specula Ennium

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