Sinus Conquisitum

"Conquered Bay"

Founded by refugees from the Bloodwood at the time when the forest was first given that name, this settlement has been built up by the Romans. Shipwrights are plentiful here, plying their trade to maintain the Roman river traffic and facilitate trade. Sinus Conquisitum is a highly regulated community, though enforcement relies more on the strong local sense of community and convention than on any direct pressure from the authorities.

Many among the citizens of Sinus Conquisitum are members of the mystery cult called the Electus. The exact membership is unknown to the Legion or the Governor, both in terms of numbers or identities.

Sinus Conquisitum (small town): Conventional; AL NG; 200 Au. limit; Assets 12,000 Au.; Population 1,200; Roman and Hermanduri; Authority Figures: Sextius Nemnogenus male human Ftr2, LG.

Sinus Conquisitum

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