Portatoris Horatium

"Horatius's Ferry"

For some years, the Amnius Aureolum was a barrier to overland trade between the western and eastern halves of the greater Nemus Aurum region. Traders could bring their goods as far as the river, but getting them across on the small boats available was a time-consuming and costly process. Portatoris Horatium was established as a solution to this problem: the enterprising Horatius Venatio built a large, flat-bottomed ferry capable of carrying an entire loaded wagon without running aground, and charged only a small fee for transit over the water. As Roman merchants and Hermanduri traders began to use the new service, a town sprang up to meet their other needs: a taverna, a hiring hall for mercenaries, entertainments of a many and varied nature, and so on.

While there is a token Roman presence here, the vast majority of Portatoris Horatium's population is composed of foreign traveling merchants and the Hermanduri hoping to be paid or hired by them.

Portatoris Horatium (village): Conventional; AL CG; 50 Au. limit; Assets 2,250 Au.; Population 900; Hermanduri; Authority Figures: Commidius, male human Ftr1, NG.

Portatoris Horatium

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