Claustrum Fervidum

"Fervent Weir"

Dominated by miners, smiths and other artisans concerned with the working of base metals, Claustrum Fervidum is at the center of a belt of copper, tin, and iron deposits. Many of the weapons and tools used across the province are crafted here, or at the very least made with ore from Claustrum Fervidum’s many mines.

Claustrum Fervidum is a rough and rambunctious place, with constant soot and dust in the air, and frequent brawling.

Claustrum Fervidum (village): Conventional; AL CN; 50 Au. limit; Assets 1,750 Au.; Population 700; Roman and Hermanduri.  Authority Figures: Iacomus, male human Ftr1, CG.

Claustrum Fervidum

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