"Lumber Town"

This settlement of woodcutters, woodworkers and artisans is the largest town in the region. As its name suggests, Arboraeum provides the region with the majority of its bulk timber and lumber needs. This wood all comes from the Nemus Aurum, the region's largest source of lumber – if one doesn't count the Bloodwood.

Arboraeum is the seat of the King of the Hermanduri, Gorgonius.

One custom of the Hermanduri who live here is to plant a tree for every tree felled. The woodcutters are well aware that the Nemus Aurum is their only possible source of lumber (or so they convince themselves), and act accordingly.

Arboraeum (small city): Conventional; AL LG; 3,750 Au. limit; Assets 1,031,250 Au.; Population 5,500; Roman and Hermanduri; Authority Figures: King Gorgonius, male human Ftr3, LG; Praefectus Castrorum Vergilius Linus , male human Ftr2, NG.


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