Vergilius Linus

Praefectus Castrorum of Legio XXIII Septentriona


Neutral Good Fighter – 2
STR () DEX () MIND ()
hp, AC (), Weapon +attk, dmg
Skills: Communication +, Knowledge +, Physical +, Subterfuge +, Survival +


Male, XX years old
Medium complexion, dark brown salt-and-pepper hair going grey at the sides, well-trimmed beard and mustache, blue eyes.

Linus is a dutiful soldier, loyal to the Emperor, who at one time harbored dreams of returning to Rome in glory and honor. Now he would settle for merely retiring without some blemish on his family name. He has seen much corruption and venality during his long term of service, and thus Linus has gone from being a noble idealist to a jaded pragmatist. 

Vergilius Linus

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