Scribonius Zeno

Nonus Pilus Prior of XXIII Legio Septentriona; Centurion of I Centuria, IX Cohors


Male, XX years old

Lawful Good Fighter – 1
STR () DEX () MIND ()
hp, AC (), Weapon +attk, dmg
Skills: Communication +, Knowledge +, Physical +, Subterfuge +, Survival +


Zeno is a responsible and trustworthy centurion, eager to perform well and lead his men with honor and dedication. He is always willing to accept tasks and missions, especially if he believes that doing so will earn him favor with his superiors. In fact, he has been known to approach the legion's command staff privately, trying to ascertain ways in which he might make himself more useful to them (and thus allow him to advance in rank and prestige). While not the most imaginative officer, he is eager to distinguish himself in whatever way he can.

Scribonius Zeno

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