Pompilius Arcadius

Tertius Pilus Prior of Legio XXIII Septentriona; Centurion of I Centuria, III Cohors


Male, XX years old

Lawful Evil Fighter – 2
STR () DEX () MIND ()
hp, AC (), Weapon +attk, dmg
Skills: Communication +, Knowledge +, Physical +, Subterfuge +, Survival +


Arcadius is a pompous horse's arse. While being fairly high ranked in the Legion, he has a higher estimation of himself than is warranted, and he makes certain that everyone beneath him treats him with deference and respect. This might make him completely intolerable, but he is also eminently easy to bribe with the right incentives, so his underlings find ways of getting what they want out of him.

Pompilius Arcadius

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