Hirtius Lupercus

Secundus Pilus Prior; Centurion of I Century, II Cohors


Male, 35 years old

Neutral Good Fighter – 2
STR 13 (+1) DEX 11 (0) MIND 13 (+1)
hp 22, AC 18 (scale + tower shield), Gladius +4 attk (crit 19-20), dmg 1d6+1
Skills: Communication +3, Knowledge +3, Physical +6, Subterfuge +3, Survival +3
Feats: Power Attack (-4 to attk, +4 dmg); Improved Bull Rush (push an opponent back 5' w/o provoking AoO).


Friendly and outgoing to his peers, stern and respectable to those who serve under him, Lupercus is a reliable commander of men. His one vice is that he is obsessed with acquiring riches. He enjoys what pleasures wealth can bring him here and now, and he wants to be able to retire from service to a well-furnished estate, never again having to worry about money.

Hirtius Lupercus

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