Gaius Quirinius Brutus

Praetorian Guard


3rd Level Rogue

STR 11 +0 [+1 for 3rd Lvl]
DEX 16 +3
MIND 15 +2

Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Class: Rogue (+3 Subterfuge; add Subterfuge skill rank to damage of first attack if successful Sneak roll is made)

AC 17 [10 +3 DEX +4 armor]
HP 25 [10+6+5+3]
Melee Attack Bonus +3/+6 [+0 STR/+3 DEX w/light weapon; +3 Lvl.]
Missile Attack Bonus +6 [+3 DEX; +3 Lvl.]

Action Points: 0

Physical 4
Subterfuge 7
Knowledge 5
Communication 4
Survival 3

Alertness (+2 to Spot and Listen checks)
Improved Initiative (+4 to Initiative)
Investigator (+2 to Gather Information and Search checks)
Persuasive (+2 to Bluff and Intimidate checks)

Character Arcs
Arc of the Assassin (Calculating tactician whose favored means of combat is a clever ambush)
Arc of the Guardian (Always act in the interest of protecting the Emperor)

Chain Shirt (Light Armor; Armor Bonus +4, Max Dex Bonus 4, Armor Check Penalty -2)
Gladius (Crit. 19-20; 1d6 damage)
Pugio (Crit. 19-20; 1d4 damage)


Sent by Emperor Augustus to act as his eyes and ears in the Legio XXIII Septentriona.

Gaius Quirinius Brutus

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