Flavius Otho

Quintus Pilus Prior of XXIII Legio Septentriona; Centurion of I Centuria, V Cohors


Male, XX years old

Chaotic Good Fighter – 2
STR () DEX () MIND ()
hp, AC (), Weapon +attk, dmg
Skills: Communication +, Knowledge +, Physical +, Subterfuge +, Survival +


Otho is lecherous to the extreme; if any carousing is to be done, he is usually the chief instigator, drinking and whoring with abandon. He seems to have an intuitive sixth sense about finding brothels, so much so that his men refer to him as "Canis Meretricea" – a hunting dog that hunts prostitutes. It is rumored that, in the absence of females to copulate with, he may turn his amorous attentions to males…or whatever else may be available. This is never suggested in his presence, of course.

Otho is also amazingly manipulative. Not only is he able to convince women to do things that other men would find unbelievable, he is able to weasel his way into or out of almost any situation by appearing to be exactly the sort of person that the one he's trying to convince wants him to be.

Flavius Otho

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