Decurion of Ala IV Bataviorum Balduiniana (Tertia Turma)


Birth Name: Balduin

Male, XX years old
fair complexion, blonde hair, long drooping mustache, blue eyes

Chaotic Good Fighter – 1
STR () DEX () MIND ()
hp, AC (), Weapon +attk, dmg
Skills: Communication +, Knowledge +, Physical +, Subterfuge +, Survival +


Balduinus is a tall German, the largest Decurion in the turmae and a brave warrior. He speaks poor Latin, and is often frustrated by his inability to clearly articulate what he means to his superiors. He is a righteous man, and does what he can to ensure that his men are treated fairly by the Romans they fight for. If he believes that he or his men are being shortchanged or cheated, he becomes angry and difficult to deal with until the situation is amended or until he can calm down, which often requires him to vent his anger in a physical way. He is not above bending his orders to do things the way he thinks they should be done, and when confronted will usually claim that he misunderstood the orders.


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