Orbis Terrarum Extremitae

II. [Dan's Adventure]

DM: Dan

Gaius Quirinius Brutus, Praetorian Guard, arrived at Arboraeum to inform Legate Aquilinus of his instructions: to act as the Emperor's eyes and ears, observing Aquilinus's progress and aiding him as necessary.

Governor Varus sent a message along with Brutus, instructing Aquilinus to aid a Hermanduri religious sect in recovering an artifact they considered sacred.  The artifact had been stolen from them by the Chatti and taken north of Bifurcus Aurorae.  Varus, however, asked Aquilinus to bring the artifact back to him once it was secured, to "properly assay its worth to the Empire."

Aquilinus assembled a vexillation which included Raetus and Brutus (who posed as a simple Legionary), and ventured north.  They were set upon by Chatti warriors who ambushed from the trees with bow and arrow.  However, the Romans and their auxilia allies defeated them.


HerrSpielmeister HerrSpielmeister

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