Orbis Terrarum Extremitae (“The Ends of the Earth”) is a historical dark fantasy campaign set in the frontiers of the Roman Empire circa 7 AD.

Our group is a three-man band of veteran roleplayers who grew up together.   Unfortunately, we are rarely able to meet due to real life responsibilities.  We meet roughly three times a year to game together.  O, for the carefree afternoons of youth…

Our next game session is TO BE SCHEDULED.


The original idea for this campaign was inspired by the video “Sacred Ashes”, a preview for the game Dragon Age: Origins.  It struck me that a D&D game about Roman Legionaries that carried that same kind of action-fantasy vibe would be pretty awesome.  The electric guitar strains at the very end of that video called to mind the opening of Metallica’s “Harvester of Sorrow”, and so I began to think of this game concept as “Heavy Metal Imperial Romans.”

This campaign is about Roman legionaries, the most disciplined, organized and effective soldiers in the known world, beating back the superstition and darkness of the ancient world, carrying the torch of civilization and human dignity to the poor benighted souls dwelling in the shadow of ignorance.  Beyond the great forests of Germania Superior is the edge of the world, or so it is said – there may well be monstrous abominations in the Black Forest, or deceitful nature spirits, or ravenous ghosts of the dead.  There are certainly blood-soaked cultists and woad-painted berserkers that may only be half-human themselves.  The PCs are sworn to take the will of Emperor Augustus Caesar to them, and if necessary, smite them without remorse using all the brutal ingenuity of the Empire’s technology of war.  Low or secret magic, high action, epic and savage adventure.  Imperial soldiers set to a heavy metal soundtrack.

OTE is something like a mix of Robert E. Howard, Warhammer 40,000, and “Gladiator”.  Since I also liked the idea of PCs being high-ranking enough to command troops, while at the same time being able to go on solo missions in a small, D&D-like party, I suppose that would add “Star Trek” into the mix of influences.

Portions of this campaign are based on Fiery Dragon’s Iron Heroes setting Bloodwood and the Kingmaker Adventure Path from Paizo Publishing.


The rules set we’re using for this game is Microlite20, a stripped-down-to-its-skeleton version of the d20 engine, freely available on the internet.

Dungeon Mastering

DMing duties in this campaign are handled in a round-robin fashion, with the DM’s role switching to the next player in rotation after each adventure.

Our current DM is Dan.


The images used for the game banner are drawn from hungerartist and the album art for “”Folkearth: Songs of Yore Wikipedia Page" href=“http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Songs_of_Yore”>Folkearth: Songs of Yore".  All rights reserved to corresponding copyright holders.

Orbis Terrarum Extremitae

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